Who We Are


Every Child Deserves the Gift of a Catholic Education

Catholic education is focused on the whole child in mind, body, and soul. Catholic education challenges students to grow through hands-on learning which integrates technology to create a life-long love of learning and by experiencing our Catholic faith in action in our school communities. With core values that center around faith, academics, and community, our children are enabled to grow knowing that they have the tools to become citizens for a better world.


Catholic education provided me with a solid foundation for continuing education and life skills. Because of my Catholic education, I felt sure that I could pursue higher education and pay back, in a small part, all that had been given to me. Catholic education provided the needed skills, values and faith for my journey.

Our Mission

The mission of Futures in Education is to ensure that the gift of an excellent Catholic education continues to be a viable option for current and future generations of deserving students in Brooklyn and Queens. We provide tuition assistance to the neediest of those students through endowment funds and fundraising programs that focus on key educational priorities. No child should be denied an excellent Catholic education due to financial circumstance. 


Futures in Education

Our Vision 

As we look forward to future generations of children leading our communities and our world, we believe that every child in Brooklyn and Queens should have an equal opportunity to receive a quality education, regardless of religion or financial circumstance. By coming together as members of the Catholic community: alumni, parents, parishioners, friends, and all supporters of Catholic education, we can step boldly into the future knowing that our children are receiving these essential foundations of values while gaining an exceptional education.  By providing essential tuition assistance to those families in great need, we can ensure that Catholic education is a viable option for all students in Brooklyn and Queens and for generations to come.


How You Can Help

Our children deserve a foundation for life, and they need your help now more than ever. Help us ensure that every child can receive the gift of a Catholic Education!