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Angel Program

What is an Angel?

An Angel helps subsidize the cost of Catholic grammar school tuition to a student by providing partial tuition assistance starting at $1,500/year. By becoming an Angel, you not only provide the financial support to a student in need, but you also represent the confidence a child needs in order to succeed through grammar school and beyond. Your investment in your Angel student’s education is truly a life-changing gift.

For the 2014-2015 school year, 756 Angel students at Catholic grammar schools in Brooklyn and Queens were supported by the Angel program.

What is an Archangel?

An Archangel is an Angel who sponsors two or more students with a gift beginning at $3,000/year.

What to expect as an Angel

As an Angel to a student, your investment in a student’s life goes far beyond a tuition payment. Angels and their students correspond via notes, cards and drawings, and all Angels receive progress reports to ensure their student’s success.

Angels meet their students at an annual celebration, the Angel Reception, and can also visit the student’s school for plays, recitals or graduation ceremonies.

Angels have the chance to become involved in a student’s life in a positive, impactful way and witness the fruit of their student’s academic and spiritual life.

Become an Angel

Angel Program Testimonials

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity from the bottom of my heart! With each passing year I have found it more difficult to afford to keep my daughter in the school she loves so much. Without your kindness my daughter Tiana would have had to change schools and leave the teachers and friends she has made over the years. So with our deepest gratitude once again, Tiana and I would like to say thank you!”

My name is Claire and two of my children were blessed with an Angel the last two years as my husband battled cancer. This is an incredible program and I will never forget how it helped us get through a horrible time. Unfortunately, we were unable to meet my son’s Angel at last year’s reception due to scheduling conflicts, but we keep them in our prayers.  Thank you for all you do for Catholic education, our students and families!”


Catholic Alumni Partnership

What is the Catholic Alumni Partnership?

The Catholic Alumni Partnership (CAP) is aimed at helping Catholic elementary schools reconnect with their alumni. Ultimately, CAP’s vision is to create a sustainable fundraising program for every Catholic elementary school, with alumni support as its foundation. In the Diocese of Brooklyn, serving Brooklyn and Queens, the trend of declining enrollment and closed schools is turning around. As the schools convert to an Academy model governed by a board of directors, they are being positioned for the future. Thanks to the generosity and support of cherished alumni, the schools continue to provide the caring, nurturing environment that produces a quality, faith and morals-based Catholic education.

Show your Support today!

Select your alma mater from the list below of Catholic elementary schools in Brooklyn and Queens to donate and continue the rich tradition of Catholic education you experienced as a child.

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If your school has closed, or you do not see it on the list, you can still help! Please read through our website about the exciting programs Futures in Education offers to assist schools and students in need.

High School is over but the Catholic Alumni Partnership (CAP) still wants to hear from you!
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Young Executives


Futures in Education’s Young Executives Committee is a group of young professionals living and working in the New York area. The committee gathers quarterly in NYC to network with industry peers and act as brand ambassadors for Futures in Education for the duration of the year.

If you are a Young Executive who is interested in being involved, or know of one who is, please call 718-965-7308 ext. 1605.

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