Futures Facts

Established in 1989, the mission of Futures in Education is to ensure that the gift of an excellent Catholic education continues to be a viable option for current and future generations of deserving students in Brooklyn and Queens. We provide assistance to the neediest of those students, regardless of their religious denomination, through endowment funds and fundraising programs that focus on key educational priorities. The median annual household income of our scholarship recipients is $48,000.

Our mandate is simple: No child should be denied a Catholic education due to financial hardships.

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About our Schools:


  • Elementary: 69 schools, 18,731 students
  • Secondary: 15 high schools, 12,300 students
  • Total: 84 schools, 31,000 students

Minority Students

  • More than 60% of students are minorities; almost 24% are non-Catholic

Cost Efficient:

  • Per pupil spending averages $5,650 compared to $28,000 per pupil in NYC public schools; savings to NYC taxpayers – over $800 million per year

Average Tuition

  • Average tuition in Diocesan Catholic elementary schools of $4,250 covers only 75% of costs; the rest comes primarily from fundraising and donations

Funding Sources:

  • Special Events: Annual Scholarship Fund Dinner, Round for Kids Golf Outing and the Bishop’s Christmas Luncheon.
  • Corporate and Individual Gifts
  • Endowment Funds
  • Foundation Grants
  • Legacy Gifts

Our Donor Programs:

Be an Angel to a Student Program
An Angel sponsors a student in a Catholic elementary school by providing partial tuition assistance starting at $2,500/year. An Angel has the opportunity to receive correspondence and reports cards from the students. Angels witness firsthand the academic and spiritual growth of those to whom you provide the gift of a Catholic education. Be an Angel to a student today!
Catholic Alumni Partnership (CAP)
CAP reconnects alumni with their Catholic elementary schools to create the base for a local school development program.