Become an Angel

What is an Angel?

An Angel  helps subsidize the cost of Catholic elementary school tuition to a student by providing partial tuition assistance starting at $2,000/year. By becoming an Angel, you not only provide the financial support to a student in need, but you also represent the confidence a child needs in order to succeed through elementary school and beyond. Your investment in your Angel student’s education is truly a life-changing gift.


What to expect as an Angel

As an Angel to a student, your investment in a student’s life goes far beyond a tuition payment. Angels and their students correspond via notes, cards and drawings – paving the way for a special bond to be formed.

Angels meet their students at an annual celebration, the Angel Reception, and can also visit the student’s school for plays, recitals or graduation ceremonies.

Angels have the chance to become involved in a student’s life in a positive, impactful way and witness the fruit of their student’s academic and spiritual life.

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