An Angel Student’s Testimonial

Former Angel Student, Antonio, gave this speech at our 2015 Angels Reception at Citi Field in April. After graduating from 8th grade, he was accepted to Regis High School for this coming school year on full scholarship! Thanks to his Angel, he was able to achieve this incredible accomplishment.

Hello fellow students, Angel sponsors, Monsignor Jamie, Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, and guests.

If you are in this room tonight supporting Futures in Education you must realize the importance of Catholic education. This is especially true for those who both value their faith as well as the academic excellence of Catholic schools. However, in a world where the cost of things only goes up, tuition has increasingly grown to be an obstacle for those who cannot afford the fees associated with a valuable education.  Thankfully, in my case, Angels sent by God came to my rescue and have supported me and others like me. They are the reason why we can continue learning about our Lord and at the same time expand our mind in a safe and nurturing environment.

It is said in the Bible, “Honor the LORD with your wealth, with first fruits of all your produce.” (Pro 3:9). This means to honor your Lord not only with wealth but with all of your graces and affection. While the Angels who participate in the Be an Angel to a Student program have helped through wealth, ponder this moment and follow their example and help others in need of your grace.

My family has always been a very religious family and we’ve always used our efforts to help others. We have done many things for the Church and are always willing to volunteer. In addition to Catholic education, academics are equally important to me. Attending a Catholic school has helped me grow spiritually but also mentally. When I attend class I am always excited to learn and expand my mind. I don’t think most people understand the benefits of what comes with a Catholic education. I have always been a student who strives for greatness and have always tried my hardest. Because of my achievements at my Catholic school and successes I have managed with the help of my teachers and hard work to attend for the past 3 years at REACH, a program at Regis High School, and recently have been accepted to be part of the class of 2019 at Regis High School on a full scholarship.

Reflecting on this spectacular achievement I’ve realized a few things. I would have never been able to reach my goals or the standards that were set aside for me and reach the maximum of my capabilities if it wasn’t for my caring teachers and parents and finally, I wouldn’t have been able to continue my education if it hadn’t been for my Angel.

Every student who is part of the program, and all those here tonight, hear my voice, and know that you should be very grateful for the gift of the education you have been given through the generosity of the angels in this room. Growing up with less than others you sometimes think that all hope is lost, but I have learned that God works through other people and decided to send you and me an Angel to guide us in our time of need and we should say thank you to all of these Angels who make it possible for us to continue on our path to success. May God bless you all.

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