Many Share the Sacrifice for Catholic Education

By: John Notaro
Executive Director, Futures in Education

As families ponder important decisions for their children’s education, it is not uncommon to ask, “Is Catholic education worth it?” After all, the financial pressure so many of us face living in New York City, now coupled with the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and rising inflation put pressure on family budgets.

Today, more than ever, we see the sacrifice so many in our Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods are willing to make to give the gift of a Catholic education and provide their children a Foundation for Life. Having lost his job due to the pandemic, Daniel, parent to a Futures in Education scholarship recipient, would not give up on keeping his children in Catholic school. “We wanted our kids to receive a quality education based in the Catholic faith. I want everyone to know how much a high-quality Catholic education can change lives and set those lives in the right direction,” Daniel asserted, “It makes all the difference in the world.”


The proof is found every day in the efforts of those who do whatever it takes to provide that special gift to the children in Brooklyn and Queens.


Donors to Futures in Education’s Be an Angel to a Student program share in this important sacrifice as well. ‘Angels’ typically donate $2,000 or more to cover about 40% of the tuition for a child. They live in our parishes and many attended the same schools where they support students now. Throughout these challenging times, they have suffered the same hardships. Yet, they have been undeterred in their support of Catholic education.


Rosemarie Rizzo, daughter of the late John Loconsolo, founder of the Angel Program, shared why she is inspired to continue her father’s legacy as an Angel donor. “A Catholic school education brings so much to the life of a child, but most importantly, the belief in faith. Catholic education allows students to grow and find their identities – and with young minds that act as sponges, they don’t just become by learning, but by experiencing.”


Our principals, teachers, office staff and countless others, have also worked tirelessly in service of the children and our faith. Why do they all do it? Catholic education, built on the cornerstone of academics, belief and character, focuses on forming the whole child and provides a Foundation for Life that our children need more than ever.


Is Catholic education worth the sacrifice? The proof is found every day in the efforts of those who do whatever it takes to provide that special gift to the children in Brooklyn and Queens.
Our own staff members at Futures in Education remain grateful to and inspired by all who play an active role in our Brooklyn and Queens Catholic schools. For parents in need of tuition assistance or to those who would like to help support our parents and their children, please visit our website to learn more about our scholarship programs at


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