New Developments: It Isn’t a Gamble – It is an Investment

By Nicholas J. Vendikos, KHS, Director of Development

I love thoroughbreds.

No, I am not a gambler. Since an early age, I’ve loved studying pedigrees and trying to predict future successes of horses on the racetrack.

However, just like us mere mortals, lineage doesn’t guarantee future success. The horse racing world was buzzing the last five weeks as California Chrome won the first two jewels of horse racing’s Triple Crown – the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes – but fell short of the third jewel when he finished fourth in the Belmont Stakes.

The story was not just about the amazing accomplishment of this impressive three-year-old colt and his financially modest owners, but the fact that California Chrome came from a sire who cost only $2,500 per live foal. In the chase for the Triple Crown, he was running against competitors that were worth from birth anywhere from $100,000 to $625,000 making his accomplishments even more incredible to some.

True horse racing fans knew better.

California Chrome was guided (or taught) how to be a champion by long-time, legendary trainer Art Sherman. You see, Sherman, is a true horseman. Like many of our Catholic school teachers, he works in anonymity away from the spotlight. And, that’s how he likes it. Like our Catholic school teachers, his success comes from the accomplishments of his pupils and their futures successes. Sherman took his skills and expertise to prepare his pupil for an amazing run that made the world take note.

Just like the teachers and administrators of our Catholic schools.

As a professional fundraiser for over 17 years, I realize I sometimes may overwhelm potential supporters with stats, stories and background info; however, when we cut to the chase, it is about providing children with an opportunity to see a better future through the gift of a Catholic education.

At Futures In Education our mandate is straightforward: No child should be denied a Catholic education due to financial constraints.

It is our collective responsibility (yours, mine and my colleagues) to provide the children of Brooklyn and Queens an opportunity to succeed in life. No child needs to come from regal bloodlines to be admitted to our Catholic schools. Many come from homes with financial hardships. All they require is a chance.

You can provide that opportunity.

The teachers and administrators at all of our schools and academies in our Diocese – like Art Sherman – will ensure that the children entrusted to their care will succeed and thrive inside and outside their classrooms.

How can you get in the race?

Well, unlike horse racing, this isn’t a gamble. It is the best type of investment possible. It is an investment in a child’s education. That child will get the best education in New York. If you think I am spinning hyperbole, check the state test scores. Catholic schools are outperforming our rivals. Like California Chrome’s victories in the Derby and Preakness, the margin of victory isn’t even close.

I ask you to consider a gift to Futures In Education by clicking here. You can also become an Angel or an Archangel (a generous donor who supports more than one student annually with a gift over $1,500).

Thanks for your consideration. Thanks for your investment. Together, we are guaranteeing that all children have the opportunity to achieve the greatness God intended for them.

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